The Best 7 Benchmade Pocket Knives

Handy tools especially when you’re making your crafts

Benchmade Griptilian


Pro: Hole and stud versions are available
Con: Your hands tend to get grated due to the textured handle when it’s riding in the pocket

Best Companion: Ah, the Griptilian. One of the most popular Benchmade knives ever produced, it has a range as well as its handle, which is moulded by injection, is almost impossible to drop, thus the name of the knife. With its ambidextrous opening and its ability to change carry sides without causing any incident gives the knife the flexibility to suit anyone with hands to the point that they may just use their feet. On the Rockwell, it ranks a 58-60 and is tough enough for your entire daily chores, with an edge that withstand for ages.


Benchmade 531BK Axis


Pro: Lightest blade at 0.090 inch
Con: Clip of the knife rides quite high up

Driver: Like all Benchmade knives, this Pardue has similar Axis locking mechanism. It is one of the most trusted ways to keep a blade where it belongs. It is even more crucial in the 531 knife because the knife’s straight body is designed to give plenty of leverage when it comes to hard labor, be it in thick of battle or at your little campsite. With a nicely finished herringbone pattern that gives you a good grip but also makes it handy for EDC, this knife won’t be as rough when you brush your hands on it while it’s in the pocket. The raised perimeter makes it better on the belt. We fancy the dagger style which was modified, it gives additional utility, but would scare some average folks when this knife is whipped out in the wrong company.

[PURCHASE: $145]

Benchmade 275 Adamas


Pro: Great for using with gloves or for larger hands
Con: Significantly bulky in size

Customized Feel: If you’re looking from the tactical side of things as a drop-point blade, this knife no doubt gives the distinct aggressive look that negate how significantly useful it is when it comes to EDC and average duties. The G10’s holes on the handle provides you a pressure grip right for your fingers that makes it feel so incredible, not forgetting that it adds to the knife’s precision. The bench made knife is designed by an Army ranger and military service people and civilian blade masters love it just as equally. It tackles every challenge, goes anywhere and will withstand the worst conditions you can lay it to. Bearing the bulk to work for an everyday knife, you know that the knife comes with true substance and grit.

[PURCHASE: $175]

Benchmade 810 Contego


Pro: Extremely easy to open despite the large size
Con: Extended use will make you feel uncomfortable

Hard Nut: These are one of the meanest knives Benchmade have ever manufactured. The  Congo runs right into the Rockwell hardness scale. Its still ranking is CPM-M4 and runs in the 62-64 HRC range. In the mind of Warren Osborne, this is a true tactical folding knife. No room for additional features given its thin body but with the barest of essentials. Deploy quickly with an ideal balance. When closed, this knife can smash out safety glass and windows. When you open it, you’d get a knife bigger than 9 inches, providing you all the advantages of a large knife even though the handle saves storage space by being only a hair over half an inch thick.

[PURCHASE: $176]

Benchmade 940 Osborne Design


Pro: Beautiful construction
Con: Bulky pocket clip

Handmade: Slender and sleek with a sharp blade at only 0.144 inches in thickness, this reverse tanto will disappear right into your pocket. Simple sharpening on the go and holding an edge, this thintimate steel vindicates itself with much glory. If that doesnt impress you, you can choose from a variety of Benchmade’s plethora selection, which includes one with a CPM-S30V steel cover. The handle which is aluminium anodised provides you that sense of stability and sturdiness while its liners are made of stainless steel. Weighing just under 3 ounces, you can’t get such a knife with this characteristics.

[PURCHASE: $178]

Benchmade Barrage Straight Edge


Pro: Knife will never deploy accidentally with Spring assist
Con: Mechanism for unlocking tends to get stuck.

Basic Mode: Barrage Straight Edge is a knife that many military and police personnel would require to hold. A true weapon designed for fights rather than daily standard work, you’d find it useful when it comes to hacking paracords, opening your mail or slicing wires. The knife sinks into a bolster made from aluminium making the handle of this heavy-duty hardware eclipsed by a M390 steel blade. Chromium is much used in the making of this material, making it comparable to a socket wrench of premium quality in terms of elements.

[PURCHASE: $185]

Benchmade 761 Titanium Monolock


Pro: Almost impossible to break apart
Con: Knife thieves’ main target

The One and Only: This M390 steel blade that comes with a utility drop point that is all produced from sandblast and oil titanium, comes with a hefty price. The only accepted reason you should not purchase this knife is that you need to keep the money for your insurance. With a weight of barely 4 ounces, this is a heirloom piece which will enable you to shave and cut all day long even after your death. Capable of keeping sharp everyday and with extreme functionalities, this flashy piece of bling will cause much envy to the eyes each time you pull it out. Easy to maintain, easy to use and definitely comfortable for those long sessions of cutting, and big enough to cause any assailant to think twice, say ‘Take my money’.

[PURCHASE: $331]

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