10 Best RFID-Blocking Wallets

Protect your card details from sneaky thefts!

Dash Co. RFID Blocking Slim Travel Wallet 4.0


The True Minimalistic: This wallet is so light that you can’t even measure it in ounces. This wallet doesn’t even weigh one ounce and has an eight of an inch worth when it comes to depth. But don’t be mistaken, this minuscule wallet uses a system with triple compartment, giving you just enough space to organise without it being a mess. The elastic backside would allow you to stuff cards until it holds no more. The tasteful front is made of saffiano canvas and with it, a small window for you to slip your cards similar to a blackjack dealer. Dash incorporates a slender foil sheet to block out RFID and yet did not add additional weight or change its slender appearance.

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Trayvax Original


Stealth Advantage: Where metal is one of the simplest ways to disrupt any RFID waves, they stop them from travelling through it. The Trayvax Original utilises steel which has been rolled in cold, combining them with aircraft-grade aluminium. Holding up to a few fistful of dollars and 10 card, it is also heat resistant due to the elastic material and with a handy 550 paraded connector, it would prove to be extremely difficult even for the most skilful pickpocket. This wallet comes with a bottle opener that is industrial grade stuff making this look like a total badass, 100% RFID-blocking hardware.


Axess Smooth Compact Wallet


Get More with Less: Coming from the land of the vikings, Sweden, this wallet makes a name for itself. Produced from entire Italian leather, beautifully vegetable-tanned with edges that are hand-cut, you can notice a remarkable amount of craftsmanship that goes towards this tiny piece. Holding easily 7-9 cards together with bills, the wallet gives you just as much storage as any ordinary wallet, yet keeping a low profile. When you take a look at the stitching, it’s all corespun thread which makes it difficult to unravel, break or for you to even cut. There are so many tales of this hardcore wallet surviving abuses. A plate handles all RFID blocking on the outer pocket, leaving you with an inner pocket that allows you to pay without removing those cards yet keeping you secure.


MSTRMND Collective Slimplistic Wallet


Selects: With vowels being eliminated, you know they spent their time in creating this kicks designed wallet. They started with a big block of billet aluminium that was actually meant for aircraft. The material is broken down to minuscule holster that is able to carry up to 7 cards along with those paper notes. The elastic band is knitted to help keep everything in its place and the thumb-hole quick draw feature gives you that leverage to deploy your credit card in double quick time. The knife is offered in different styles, including one made with plated gold and ostrich if you like something that stands out from the norm.


Machine Era Ti5 Slim


Invincible: When you need a wallet that can keep your hard-earned cash safe yet also survive another entry burn from space, then you’d need one built with 6al-4v titanium made for aerospace. Inch for inch and ouch for once, this is one of the toughest wallets on earth, made to be light in weight, and definitely the preferred metal type of wallet any fanatic would love to carry. You get to stash as much or as little as the band made from elastic woven material allows, or you can opt for a band that suits the size of your stuff. Opening bottles? This does it too, making it a wallet that matters.


Secrid Cardslide


Secret Depths: With a width of 14mm, this Cardslide is slightly larger than your average minimalist wallet, however it uses the space efficiently well. When you take a first glance, you’d think it’s a pillbox, given the additional girth. This wallet is well backed by aluminium designed to protect your precious signal, equipped with a plastic cover that slides away to uncover an area for medication, bills, house keys and other low-profile items. Slip in your cards easily but rather slowly at the top with a clicker which stops them from going full rage should you slide the Cardslide into an inverted dive.


HuMn Aluminum Mini Wallet


Pet Lover: This wallet is designed with just synthetic materials and nothing with leather or animal hide on it. In addition, it has RFID protection by the make of aluminium made for aircrafts on the outside of the wallet, with a lining from carbon fiber on the inside for you to stash your cash in a softer place. Want it customised? You can, all thanks to an elastic band that’s study, allowing you to jam in as few or as many items you may need, yet still allowing you easy access with grooves made for the thumb’s quick flipping.


Silo Mesh Card


Multi Tool: Need a phone stand? Check. This wallet is made of precious titanium which is coated in TiCN to build resistance to any scratch on top of its hidden features. A band made of silicone does its job to hold cards and cash, or whatever else you fell like putting it to. A bumper from polycarbonate protects your cards from the titanium steel, yet still allowing you to perform transactions on RFID cards without that need to take it away from the body. If it could only make a dance..


Madera Union Wallet


Pure Wood: As much as you love the beauty of the wood, it doesnt block those RFID signals, which is the reason a plate is built into the structure to protect against digital thieves without upsetting the insanely gorgeous aesthetic. When it’s full, you get to to carry 6 cards easily, with inner slots which help you cover any sleek items you’d want in. With a miniscule ⅓ inch of thickness, you can use it as a carry on the front pocket, but it wouldn’t be as comfortable sitting on it should you want to carry it on your behinds. Each wallet is designed from a unique chunk of wood and you’d get a special looking one each time. Only thing is, you wont know how it’d look like till you unbox it. But you can be rest assured that Union checks and hand-polished each quality by its very own manpower. No robot stuff.


The Ridge Carbon Fiber Wallet


Black Agent: When you want to block out RFID, you use carbon fiber which is the world’s easiest materials to use. It performs really well, no doubt. The Ridge has a set of plates from carbon fiber that are being held together by the elastic band which is expandable. Your cards get full coverage and anyone wants to do skimming at different angles would find it impossible in getting signals in or out. All the bands and screws can be easily changed to new ones and would be the only parts that would be worn out over time, unless of course you take it for gunfire practice everyday. Good thing is that it holds up to 12 cards without having its shape out of form, so you can easily do your own combination of cash and cards. With a money clip, it’d fit your EDC purposes.


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