From Rags to Riches: How Harley Junior Did $150M in Sales


He used to live paycheck to paycheck…

Every month he struggled to make the minimum payment on his maxed-out credit cards.

Now, Harley Junior has been named the most influential “rags-to-riches” Internet millionaire of the past decade.

His Online business has done over $150 million in sales personally, and he’s even created 42 additional millionaires in the past 2 years by teaching them his techniques along the way.

I flew out and met with Harley at his 5-star resort in Cebu, where he often holds all-expense-paid retreats for his students, to get the real scoop on his overnight success.

“It wasn’t always “mojitos on the beach, Saturdays every day” for me like it is now. It was only 2 years ago that I was working a job living paycheck to paycheck – spending every cent I had and more on credit cards.

I got in so much debt that at one point I considered filing bankruptcy just to clear the almost $30,000 I had racked up on my credit cards.

I think it was the stress and constant worry and that terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach when I opened my email or checked my bank account that pushed me over the edge.”

Before Harley became the success he is today, he was constantly plagued by financial stress and sickening worry.

“One day I had enough. It was a breaking point for me. I felt so powerless and helpless because I didn’t have any money and owed so many people, that I just said ‘I need to change my life’ and went to the only place I thought would have the answers I needed:

The Internet.”

After reaching his breaking point, Harley finally snapped and decided he needed a change.

He went on the Internet and started searching “how to make money online.”

It wasn’t easy to find correct information. There’s so many people out there telling you how to make a million dollars, but most of them haven’t even made a million dollars themselves!

“I remember it like it was yesterday. I found a site that helps create websites for me. And it cost me $180. It promised to educate me how to create an Online business from scratch. Using just websites with content and earning passively through Google Adsense and Google Adwords.

The designer was very credible. At this point, I figured ‘what the heck’ and just bought it. Well, I bought one site, waited for 15 days and when it was delivered – it was so good.

The website taught me how I can earn money online while I was sleeping. There was even a way I could legally use someone else’s products to sell, so I didn’t even have to make them myself!”

It was that moment that Harley’s life changed forever.

Here’s where it gets good…

“I went to bed.

I woke up the next morning and couldn’t believe what I saw…

I had my first $0.23.”

And BOOM just like that, Harley realized his life would never be the same. He went on investing in more websites after seeing his return on investment within 5 months.

That first click turned into two, then three, then ten, then one hundred, then one thousand, then millions.

Harley, in under 24 hours, had gone from living paycheck to paycheck, working 9-5, $30,000 in credit card debt….

To an Internet millionaire sensation.

He bought the cars, took the vacations, did the media interviews. He couldn’t escape the cameras, they loved him.

He had done it. Literally overnight the sickening financial worry he was plague by was erased. Now he got to drive the flashy car, had the hot girls on his arm, and became instantly celebrity-famous in the news.

But the best part was…

Along the way he found people just like him who wanted to learn how to do what he did – so he began teaching them.

“I remember how bad it felt to wake up every day broke. Scared. Worried about how I would pay the bills.

I guess I have a soft spot for people that were in the same boat I was, which is why I spend so much time now helping people make money and escape the rat race.”

I asked Harley what his biggest suggestion was for someone just starting out, and he told me exactly what he recommends:

“That websites I bought long ago are still doing well, now earning me up to $5 per click – which is why I decided to let everyone know how they too can start the way I did years ago.”

The Adsense website Harley originally bought was $180, and he always wondered why it wasn’t more affordable. Today, it only cost this much:


“I wanted to make Adsense & Amazon websites to be available to literally ANYONE who wants to change their life. Truthfully, some people will complain about the $130 price tag. But the complainers and whiners aren’t the people I want to see success with – I want to work only with people who are serious about making a change in their life and ready to do whatever it takes to make millions online.

I’ve made 42 people millionaires now, and I’ve learned one very important thing:

You can’t make people change. You can show people the exact step-by-step things to do when their read, but they have to want to change themselves.”

Harley also told me that if you’re not willing to spend ANY money on yourself and you only look for the free handouts in life, you’ll never be able to make it to the next level.

“If you’re really ready for a change and you’re at a breaking point like I was, you’ll be willing to put your money where your mouth is.

You’ll do whatever it takes to make money and solve your problems.

And $130 – there’s not a person on this planet that can’t afford $130. Even a homeless guy in the street can pay that.

But I don’t do it for your money, I do it because the only people I want to work with are the people who are committed and ready to make a change.

Those are the people I can turn into millionaires.”

The Adsense website is called Niche Website Creation and in it you will receive in 15 days a website created for you to start earning money.

“If you want to become an Internet millionaire it’s really really easy. Literally everyone is doing it now.

Buy a $130 Adsense Website and let them show you step by step what to do to quit your job, make more money, and pay off your debt.”

If you want to follow the same overnight fast-track to success as Harley did, click here to buy a $130 Adsense Website.

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