Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Cut off all those background noise and enjoy the beats.

Audio Technica ATH ANC23-0


Pro: Rich and full sound
Con: Unsightly bulges behind those earbuds

Value for Money: Audio-Technica is known to be expensive for their larger models. ANC23’s are much cheaper. For a few bucks, you’d get some noise cancellation that works quite well with those incursions and constant sounds. You’d get the needed boost in sound without having to turn up the volume. The thing to note is the required use of AAA batteries and a somewhat bulky in-line box.


Sony MDR-NC13


Pro: Surprisingly rich bass
Con: Works only in lowering those consistent noise

Awkwardly Good Sounds: There are many places that these earbuds would cost up to $100 more, just make sure that you compare prices first before committing a purchase. This pair of NC13 is something that may or may not attract you. There are microphones attached to the earbuds to gauge the level of external noise and calculate how they can cancel them out. There is a 13.5mm driver attached to the buds to bring up more noise and this weird stick out may cause unnecessary attention or simply a turn-off to you. The noise cancellation is rather good but we would not say it’s great and you’d not that when it is turned on, the quality of the music, overall, isn’t affected which is a good experience compared to their brethren which tends to modify the tune when they’re at work to churn out every noise you don’t want to hear.


Phiaton 220 NC


Pro: Ability to sync to two devices on Bluetooth
Con: Controls are awkward

Wireless Miracle: These 220’s are Bluetooth compatible and equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) where you can easy sync to your device with just a tap, minus all those fiddling with bad signals on Bluetooth. The drivers are at 14.3mm and is designed to handle a range of between 10Hz to 27kHz of sound. What you’d get are very clean sound without those muddy lows and tiny highs across the board. The look is stylised and modern and the fit is clean. Behind those streamlined, clean aesthetics though, lies some issues. We have to admit all the tech put together is pretty nice but they add up weight to the dongle. This is where all ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) and Bluetooth stuff has to fit in. This defeats the purpose of convenience when going cordless as you have to clip on this dongle the heft and size of a large beeper to your clothing. When it comes to noise cancellation, it is near the top but we wouldn’t say it is the king of noise cancelling earbuds. You’d also get this hissing touch when you activate the buds. However, the overall sound experience you’d get far outweighs the negatives of these buds.

[PURCHASE: $159]



Pro: Microphone and inline remote are responsive and easy.
Con: Bass boost is sloppy

Powerful Underdog: When most of the players in this industry are so focused on having that edge towards noise cancellation, they often overlook how their headphones actually sound. When it comes to AKG, they took the other route and chose to produce a perfect pair of earbuds that also cancels out the sound of the outside world to a certain degree. The size of the earbuds are noticeably less bulky than most of the headphones in this post and yet despite the smaller size, those complicated mix of audio tracks still turn out well from its sound reproduction that would make those audiophiles extremely happy. The inline remote and mic are much welcome, it helps those with passive listening enjoyed it just much more. These buds works seemingly well with a wide variety of of devices and phones which just increases its appeal. The buds are charged via USB in a sleek box, giving it such a nice touch. However, we wish they gave more thought into it as it is almost perfect apart from cancellation of noise which is average.

[PURCHASE: $200]

Bose QuietComfort 20 and 20i


Pro: Continues to churn out music even when batteries for noise-cancelling function dies. Con: Slightly more expensive than other buds producing better sound

Holy Grail Buds: One thing to note, we don’t like playing favourites as everyone has different tastes. However, when you want the best of the best headphones that does noise cancellation perfectly yet in a perfect size, nothing does it as well as the QuietComfort 20 and 20i. Yes, you’re going to empty your wallet to enjoy the sound of silence. You should know that 20 and 20i work with different devices. The 20i earbuds are meant for Apple devices while the 20 earbuds work with everything else. The earbuds are powered by a rechargeable lithium battery which is meant to last for more than 16 hours. There is no other comparison with these ones in the market when it comes to earbuds. Going for long flights? These flanged bodies make it comfortable for you to go on a trip without any fear of pain. What we like is that they bring some of those magic in terms of Bose’s audio but wouldn’t be one that would sweep you off your feet.

[PURCHASE: $249]

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