Greatest Star Wars Gifts

Your loved ones will loved them!

1. A HP Laptop (Star Wars Limited Edition) ($700)

Thinking of getting a laptop as a gift but your loved one wants a Star Wars figurine? Combine them by getting a Star Wars Limited Edition HP Laptop for just $700.


star wars laptop

2. Lego Death Star ($500)

The ultimate Death Star platform where you get to battle it out all at the same time. Find hidden passages within the Star and execute your plans to rescue the good guys. If only life was this fun, we’d love it every step of the way.


lego death star

3. First Order Stormtrooper Replica Helmet ($250)

Nothing beats having your very first Stormtrooper helmet. The coolness factor that comes with it ensures a smile on your face each time you put it on. Game on, soldier!


first order stormtrooper helmet

4. Lego Ewok Village ($385)

Get a glimpse of Ewok Village with this set from Lego. With full bridges and net cages to trap invaders, control the fort and work your advantages as you build your fort to the next level. A high level of gameplay that knows no boundaries.


LEGO Ewok Village

5. Pendleton Star Wars Blankets ($90)

Feeling cold as you’re going to bed? Use this blankets designed by Pendleton that would keep you warm and safe from the Jedi forces! Which side are you on? Keep yourself covered in the force you desire. Varying designs for your choosing!


Pendleton Star Wars Blankets

6. Voice-Activated R2-D2 ($250)

Ever since watching Star Wars, didn’t you wish you’d have your own R2-D2 that would do the talking for you? Now, you can own one and command it with your own voice. Experience having your very own droid to entertain the day away!


Voice Activated R2-D2

7. SPHero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid ($140)

All rage on the new BB-8 App-Enabled droid. You can now control it from your own smartphone by downloading a specific BB-8 application from the app store. Move it to wherever you want from the tips of your fingers!


Sphero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

8. Star Wars: The Blueprints ($170)

Ever wondered what it’s like to make the designs of all the droids, spaceships and characters? This book of blueprints show you the specific drawings and specifications that goes into making Star Wars what is today. Feast your eyes on these.


Star Wars - The Blueprints

9. Star Wars Adult Collectors Watch ($170)

Fancy a timepiece to show how true you are of a Stars Wars addict? This collector’s watch tells time and direction you’re headed to. The clock hands represent the spaceship logo and wearing it makes you feel part of the force.


Star Wars Adult Collectors Watch

10. Lego Poe’s X-Wing Fighter ($62)

Battle the skies with Poe’s X-Wing Fighter. Comes with the whole set of crew and BB-8 to ensure that you’d be flying good as you battle out against the dark force. A nifty ladder for your pilot to climb on board the fighter jet. Whisk away in full force today.


LEGO Poe's X-Wing Fighter

11. Star Wars Han Solo In Carbonite Wall Decal ($99)

What better way to welcome guests to your home with a Han Solo in Carbonite wall decal. Make that corner of your house a topic of discussion with your guests and who knows if there would be a Sith around the corner waiting to take over your home?


Han Solo in Carbonite Decal

12. Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block ($90)

Fancy cooking up a storm but need to associate yourself with how the forces operate the kitchens? This knife block is elegantly design to display as a X-Wing fighter. Take control and fly through your cooking sesh with your very own set of Star Wars.


Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block

13. Star Wars: Frame ($105)

If you’re in need to decorate your house, this frame would add the necessary oomph to that part of your house. Embrace the sight everyday as you approach that corner or table top where your frame sits.


Star Wars Frames

14. Star Wars: Digital Six Film Collection ($100)

Love watching Star Wars over and over again? This digital movie collection would satisfy that craving. Make it a marathon and finish watching the entire collection in one sitting! Exclusive on Amazon, start your quest today.


Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection

15. Air Hogs Millenium Falcon Quadcopter ($110)

Be a pilot and experience how those fighting in the Millennium Falcon manoeuvre their way around. The controls mimic those you see in the movies. Challenge your friends and see how skilful you are by doing mini races!


Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Quadcopter

16. Star Wars Bar Stool ($41)

Don’t settle for just any stool – get one designed by Star Wars and choose your seats to embody the character as you sit down for a meal or simply a drink. Bar stools come in different designs for you to choose from.


Star Wars Bar Stools

17. Black Series Boba Fett Figure ($90)

What could be more apt then a Boba Fett figurine that would leave you for hours of play. Boba Fett suit is extremely detailed to replicate one that has been through tough terrains. Get your hands on these now.


Black Series Boba Fett Figure

18. Darth Vader Voice Changer Helmet ($55)

Getting a Darth Vader Helmet doesn’t come close to being one. You have to sound like him! This helmet gives you the ability to change your voice to one of Darth’s. Now, welcome to the dark side.


Darth Vader Voice Helmet

19. Tie Fighter Nutcracker ($30)

Need we say more? Crack those tough nuts simply by placing them inside the tie fighter and twist those wings till you hear the crack sound. Mission accomplished and you get the juicy nut after a hard battle.


TIE Fighter Nutcracker

20. Star Wars Cufflinks ($40)

Why settle for normal cufflinks? Deck your OOTD with these unique cufflinks that would take centre attention for those who tend to take notice of the littlest details. Cufflinks come in different designs, from Storm Troopers to Yoda himself.


Star Wars Cufflinks

21. Star Wars Dog Tags ($7)

Need to identify yourself? Choose the force you reckon yourself with, get the dog tags with crafted logos of the force. Give that nod to those who wear the same tags as you for you would finally know who is on your team.


Star Wars Dog Tags

22. Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener ($11)

Make life easier with the force. Get this bottle opener moulded in the shape of the Millennium Falcon and share it around with your friends. Pop and win the events you’re having – be it a BBQ or a drinking sesh.


Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

 23. Death Star Ice Sphere Mold ($13)

What better way to drink to your heart’s content with ice filled in the shape in Death Star. Fill your glass with multiple dark forces all in one drink and enjoy the coldness of the Sith.


Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

24. Chewbacca Can Cooler ($13)

Chewbacca isn’t just for the movies. Dress up your can drink with this can cooler, designed with the fur of Chewbacca. You will never go wrong with this and get ready to impress all your friends as you chuck down your drink full of style.


Chewbacca Can Cooler

25. Lightsaber Chopstick ($15)

Fancy heading to a restaurant to dig in those Chinese noodles? Get a hold of these chopsticks and watch your friends look at you in awe when you start on your meal! These lightsabers would light up your noodles while you go on chewing.


Lightsaber Chopsticks

26. Star Wars Accordion Sunshade ($15)

Parking your car and couldn’t stand those normal sunshades? Get this sunshade instead and everyone would start noticing your car from afar. It’s time to show your friends seated in those four seats!


Star Wars Accordion Sunshade

26. Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt ($15)

Baking doesn’t have to be dull. These oven mitts are adorable, makes you Darth Vader who actually bakes delicious dark brown cookies that even Luke Skywalker would adore and call him Father again.


Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt

27. Storm Trooper Smart Trooper Print ($16)

Storm Trooper suits are everyone’s cosplay dream. What if Storm Trooper wore a suit that we usually would wear instead? This print is simply gorgeous when hanged on the wall, showing that two can have the same dream.


Storm Trooper Smart Trooper Print

28. R2-D2 Hip Flask ($16)

Getting yourself hydrated is simple. Stay cool with this awesome hip flask designed in the shape of R2-D2 body. You get to drown in the goodness of the droid.


R2-D2 Hip Flask

29. Boba Fett Helmet Light Set ($16)

Lights doesn’t have to be just lightbulbs. Change your light set to one that represents Boba Fett – not one but many! It goes a long way when you decorate something like the Christmas Trees.


Kurt Adler Boba Fett Helmet Light Set

30. Moleskin Star Wars Weekly Notebook ($19)

Writing notes or thoughts shouldn’t be a dull task. This notebook will have Darth Vader looking over you and when you’re done, he’d watch over and make sure those notes and thoughts are safely kept away till you open them again.


Moleskine Star Wars Weekly Notebook

31. Lightsaber Flatware Set ($20)

Eating your lunch or dinner would be a whole lot more fun with this flatware set. Fancy eating with different lightsabers? This is the one for you. Spread butter or jam smoothly with a swipe of the knife.


Lightsaber Flatware Set

32. Death Star Tea Infuser ($20)

Make tea from this Death Star Tea Infuser and watch tea oozing out of the sphere into the cup where you get to enjoy the beauty of the force. The Death Star is attached to an X-fighter so you can easily yank it out once you’re done.


Death Star Tea Infuser

33. Star Wars Minimalist Posters ($20)

Fixing a piece of art to a wall shouldn’t be difficult. With these minimalist posters, wow your guest as they appreciate the simple yet elegantly designed Star Wars posters that are meant to be minimalistic in nature to complement your surroundings.


Star Wars Minimalist Posters 1

34. R2-D2 & C-3PO Spice Shaker Set ($20)

Go about and add that extra spice with this simple droid shaker set. Well balanced, you can easily spice up your food with a few shakes. Those who take notice will definitely spot these droids.


R2-D2 & C-3PO Spice Shaker Set

35. Stance Star Wars Socks ($20)

Heading out for a stroll in the park or hanging out with some friends? Deck your outfit with these socks from Star Wars and let them know which forces you support! These socks are a definitely looker and plays its part due to the contrasting colours.


Stance Star Wars Socks

36. Darth Vader & Son / Vader’s Little Princess Deluxe Box Set ($21)

Reading a story book doesn’t have to be boring. Let the children know that even characters such as Darth Vader has some love towards his children, just as how every human being should. Night stories shall never be as boring again!


Darth Vader & Son Vaders Little Princess Deluxe Box Set

37. Millennium Falcon: Owner’s Workshop Manual ($23)

Go professional with this complete Millennium Falcon workshop manual and know the insides and outs of the space ships. Learn how they navigate in space and the interior of the spaceship as they battle it out against all odds.


Millennium Falcon Owners Workshop Manual

38. Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection ($24)

What can be more apt then having the book featuring all the collection of Star Wars action figures. Learn the distinct characters and how you can differentiate them between the real and the fakes and collect these as part of your collection!


Star Wars The Ultimate Action Figure Collection

39. Star Wars Cookie Cutters ($24)

Baking some goodies for your loved ones? These cookie cutters are one you’d love to have. With some colouring, you can have your own Star Wars Characters that are fun and equally enjoyable to eat. Baking can never be as dull again!


Star Wars Cookie Cutters

40. Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker ($25)

What better way to cheer up the kids with lightsabers that they can both enjoy and battle it out? All you need to do is add the food colourings to the sobers and your kids would soon be able to enjoy the delicacy they want.


Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

41. Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater ($25)

What better way to start the festive season by having this sweater. Keeping you warm and yet attractive to be worn, this Star Wars Sweater is definitely a keeper for every single Star Wars fan.


Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweaters

42. R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set ($28)

Making that favourite cookie or cake for the kids and wanting them to join in? Use these measuring cup and get their hands on to get the specific ingredients you need! The kids will enjoy having a crack at these and learn a thing or two about baking.


R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

43. Star Wars Storyboards: The Original Trilogy ($30)

Ever wondered what it is like to make the movie, Star Wars? Go through the storyboards of the movie bit by bit and understand the massive effort required to produce a movie of such scale. Learn and appreciate the movie after this book!


Star Wars Storyboards The Original Trilogy

44. Lightsaber BBQ Tongs ($35)

If those lightsaber pop makers are a hit to your children, they would definitely love these tongs just as much. These tongs are made of lightsaber handles, ensuring that you’d stay safe in the even when someone tries to take that hotdog away from you.


Light Saber BBQ Tongs

45. Han Solo in Carbonite Bottle Opener ($36)

You’ve seen the art piece of Han Solo on the wall, how about a bottle opener to pair it up? This bottle opener is solid and would help you get those lids off almost instantly.


Diamond Select Toys Han in Carbonite Bottle Opener

46. Star Wars: Battlefront ($40)

Fancy being in the battle field as how the forces did? Join them in the battlefront and fight it out when the empire strikes back. Find your spot and defend your ground today.


Star Wars Battlefront

47. R2-D2 USB Car Charger ($40)

Going for a land tour or somewhere far? This USB Car Charger keeps your batteries fully charged and seamless connection.


R2-D2 USB Car Charger

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